Ring floodlight cam has condensation on the inside of the lense

Our floodlight camera has suddenly built up ALOT of condensation on the inside of the camera. It is hard wired, and has not been touched since we installed it less than a year ago. This is actually our second one. The first one ended up filling up with rain water. Is this a common problem? Is there any solution? I don’t want to have to buy ANOTHER replacement.

Hi @Charmed. While our devices are weather resistant, they are not weather proof. If they have adverse weather applied to them, this could cause some concerns that you have previously ran into. What I’ve seen other neighbors in the Community try out for when they have the off chance of getting condensation on the inside of the lense is bring the device inside for a few days. Once in a stable and dry environment, the condensation has gone away and they can install the device back up! Feel free to give this a try to see if this helps. :slight_smile:

It worked! Thank you!

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@Charmed Fantastic news! Glad I could help. :slight_smile: