Ring Floodlight Cam Flashing/Strobing - Alternating

I have a hardwired Floodlight Cam, it has been in place for 2-3 years now. However I have had to turn it off the last few months as each light keeps flashing in an alternating way. I have tried resetting it and connecting it to the Chime Pro Wi-fi network, though then it returns to flashing again? It’s a nuisance to us and the neighbours, so I have had to to turn off the floodlight cam at the mains.

I have attached a video to demonstrated what I mean. I’ve had to compress the file size so the quality is not the best.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions of what the issue might be please?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi @sonny85. If resetting the Camera did not help fix your strobing lights, the next best step is to contact our support team for further assistance. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

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