Ring Floodcam Siren

Hi. I have two ring floodcams on my holiday home where motion is only ever detected when someone is too close to my by being in my actual grounds. I find I panic to get the siren to go off quick enough and wonder whether there is a way of setting the siren to sound when motion is detected?

Good question, @Kerry1969! At this time, there is not a way to automate this siren, other than to link the Ring Alarm system to Camera with sirens. Even then, the Camera siren would only sound automatically when your Ring Alarm siren is sounding. The quickest way to sound your Ring Camera siren is via the Ring app dashboard. When viewing the main Ring app dashboard, you will see a preview tile of your Ring Camera. The 3 dots in this display tile (towards the top edge of the image) will allow you to access quick options such as sounding the siren.

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