Ring flood light camera

I brought a ring flood light camera last week
Everything works great until today , I can put it in live view , I can turn the light on and off , I can turn the siren on and off but can’t hear anything
Tried mine and the wife’s phone and none work ?

Hi there @Cantbe75. Are you unable to hear any audio when you access Live View and attempt to talk to any visitors at your door? Is there any audio on any of the recorded events in your Event History log? If you don’t mind, please share an example of one of the recordings without audio by choosing to share it via email and copying the link that is generated. I’d be happy to take a look. :slight_smile:

I can turn on live app
I can turn on the audio and hear and talk
I can turn my light on and off
I used to be able to turn the alarm on
Now when I turn the alarm on it goes red like it is on but I can not hear anything
I’ll just take it of the wall today after work and take it back to Bunnings and swap it over for another one
It is not even 2 weeks old

Re: Ring flood light camera