RING Flood Light Cam stopped recording full videos

Just after midnight today 07/19/2022 I noticed my Flood Light Cam (1st Gen) stopped recording the full 60 seconds segments. It detects motion and records about 4 to 5 seconds of video then the video either freezes or stops. Also trying to view Live View fails now too. Says flood cam failed to respond.
Did RING download a recent new firmware update that broke the cams? This is terrible. No longer have security here!

Hi @Wyee2. Try performing a reset on your Floodlight Cam by pressing and holding the Setup Button for 20 seconds, then releasing. After that, you can reconnect to WiFi and reconfigure your Motion Settings. With all of that complete, confirm you have a good RSSI in the Device Health menu of the Ring app and let me know how your Floodlight Cam performs.