Ring Flood Camera failed under Protect+ and no replacement / Poor Support Response

I have 2 flood light cameras, in addition, to few other cameras and devices under Protect Plus plan. One of the flood light camera’s speaker stopped working. The siren does not sound when triggered from phone, and no sound while using mic.
Called Ring Support and and was told that Ring won’t replace this camera though all devices are covered under Ring Protect Plan. How is it possible that 2 cameras bough at the same time, one is protected under Protect and the other one is not. The second camera lens screen is also rusting. Very poor Ring Support and no escalation path to the talk to supervisor. Was promised some one will call me and never received a response! I am planning to planning to decommission and replace Ring with more professional and service focused company’s products. Very very disappointed. and

Hi @Ssanjeev3. Are both cameras located at the same address? The Ring Protect Plus Plan does offer an extended warranty for all devices at the subscribed location. Also, when on a support call, you have every right to escalate your call to a supervisor if that is what you wish. I suggest following up with the support team and asking for a supervisor straight away.

If for some reason there is an error, a supervisor will happily fix this for you. Feel free to report back and let us know how a supervisor was able to correct this situation.