Ring flood cam light flickering

Floodlight camera lamp flickering issue. Called support and told me it’s most likely broken and out of warranty. It’s only 1.5 years old and I’m pretty upset. My Neigbour had his for just over a year and it did the same thing. I know there’s already a thread on this topic which was closed? Why? Did ring resolve anything? I need to know if there’s a way I can get it replaced? Of course the issue happens after the ridiculously short warranty time frame. It’s expensive and I’m paying monthly for the service on a couple devices already, why do I have to pay for a brand new one…just want your product fixed it shouldn’t be faulty so quick…. I want them to last 10 years like everyone thought!

Have you heard anything back from them? I’ve purchased a dozen Ring cameras for personal use and gifts and 2 of my wired floodlight cams started flickering this winter, I can’t even use the lights anymore.

I am also having this issue? I cant believe this isnt a bigger topic. Only 1 reply?

Same issue here. Spend more money on a new device to resolve is their only response.