Ring Feels Like A Scam Now Recently Learned - Covered Devices - Extended Warranty

So i have had ring for a long time now and loved the service reason i buy everything ring in my house and signed up for the Protect Plus (Gen 1) so all my devices are covered. Had issue one time and they sent me a replacement but was wrong one had to wait over a month or 2 for correct one after that i sent both devices back. Recently my doorbell pro 2 dead and would no longer work. So i tried to have to get replacement for it. But Ring said cause my card declined once none of my devices are no longer covered. Next day they tried it again and it worked. So because it failed once ring is no longer honoring the extended warranty on all my devices which is over 5. For me it feels like ring is trying to find any excuse in the book to get you out of your extended warranty so you would have to rebuy devices. If you plan on getting a security system i recommend you look else where. I would have understand if i canceled my plan and tried to sign back up but that didn’t even happen.