Ring Faceplate Promo

I just purchased a “Ring 3 Plus” from the Ring Store a week or so ago. It states, “Satin Nickel face plate and a digital coupon for one free additional face plate”. I have yet to get the promo code. I called support a few days ago and was told that I’d get the promo code in my email after I add the doorbell. This AM I added the doorbell, and still haven’t gotten a coupon code. I called support again, this time I was advised by the rep that within two weeks I would get a random second face plate in the mail. I asked a few clarifying questions trying to understand if I would get a random face plate in the mail, or a coupon code in my email. The official answer is, random face plate in the mail.

Suffice to say, I’m 100% over the incompetence of the support team, and really just hope someone here knows how it works. All I want is a face plate that doesn’t look like trash on my house.


Hi @2048Bit. The Ring Community is a public forum where we can assist with general troubleshooting tips and tricks. Unfortunately, we do not have additional information on the details of how a specific promotion or discount code works. These questions would need to be directed towards our support team, so you may need to follow up for further clarification.