Ring Engineers: Advanced Motion Detection is unusable

This relates to the Advanced Motion Detection update received on my Doorbell 2 about 2 months ago. In a nutshell, it totally misses people right at my door about 25% of the time, but catches every passing car on the street 50’ from the front door. Here are the issues:

  1. Drawing a motion zone is a gimmick and the actual detection area does not relate in any way to the zone that is drawn.
  2. When it does detect motion it is only at a narrow angle right in front of it, nothing slightly left or right (including us pulling our car into the garage which is at a right-angle to the Doorbell 8’ from it
  3. Misses us either going in or out of our own front door 25% of the time
  4. Increasing motion sensitivity also increases detection range up to 50’ past the drawn detection zone
  5. Detection varies vastly based on lighting conditions, that is sun overhead vs dusk or dawn or cloud cover

Here is what I have tried:

  1. Drawing one large detection area with various sensitivity levels
  2. Drawing multiple small detection areas with various sensitivity levels
  3. Confirmed a strong Wi-fi signal at doorbell
  4. Factory reset, then repeat above steps

For now I have turned off the Advanced Motion Detection and reverted back to the old blue circle detection, which means I get 1 second of facial footage, and 14 seconds of the back of the delivery person/visitor……but it does capture most of the motion, I cannot afford to have 25% of people motion missed at my door while catching every car 50’ away, draining my battery.

Since updates and version history are hidden from us, I request that you post on this forum when these issues have been resolved and an update has been applied. As you can tell from this forum and elsewhere, many users are posting similar issues.