Ring Elite Video Door Camera

Moved house and purchased the above which was installed and wired in eventually about 4/5 months ago. It worked for 3/4 weeks and stopped. I have been trying on and off since then without any success. The installer returned and also had no success .
Basically it will not connect via ethernet cable or wifi. I am really disappointed that after upgrading to this more expensive item nothing is happening.
I am not technically minded so need simple steps to follow before I through it into the bin in frustration.
Should it need replacing ?
Seems like there are many issues with this product.

Hi @MJB1804. It would be helpful if you can provide some more detail on what is happening when you try to connect your Doorbell Elite to the internet. Are you receiving a specific error message in the Ring app during the connection process? Do you see any lights on the Doorbell itself when the connection fails? Feel free to share any screenshots or pictures that demonstrate what you’re seeing on your end.