Ring Elite Offline While Router Shows Online and Switch Providing PoE

The other day I noticed when someone attempted to ring my Ring Elite, the device made noise, but no ring came across in the house. Then I attempted to log in to the device and see a live feed, but the device said it was disconnected (OFFLINE in red, connection type ETHERNET in red). I verified my router was showing the device as ONLINE. I checked my switch which showed the port was receiving power.

I am unable to access the camera’s feed and the doorbell function will not chime in the house, what do I do?

Hey @Mike_Shajuana. Could you try removing the device from your account, resetting it by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds, and then setting up the device again? From there, see if you can set it up and bring the device back online. Let me know how this goes!