Ring Elite mechanical bell stopped working

Mines doing the same thing too. Spent an hour trouble shooting the problem before finding this thread. Looks like I’m not the only one. Mines was installed by my builder 2 years ago and house has Alexa built in. Haven’t check with any of my neighbors yet as we all have the same setup in our houses.

After all the troubleshooting I did last night, it’s down to either a software issue or a hardware flaw that ring either knows of or hasn’t came out with a resolution. Funny how everyone’s problem arise either after the last update or past the 2 year mark that these ring elite will self destruct. Now they want us to try this and that and report back to them like we are on there payroll.

Ring, step up to your plate and resolve this matter.

Thank you

How bout ring collect the information from within your company and report back to us consumer. Instead of asking the consumer to do the research. SMH to ring.

I am a ring installer for a company. I go out on calls to troubleshoot broken rings. I have been noticing at least six different communities. I’ve had over 10 Ring elite devices have the same issue at in the span of a week. Even have had 2 go out with the same issue at the same house that has a multi-gen with two devices installed. I’m sure there will be more but I have not went on those calls yet. I have had all these rings lose functionality to the door chime. I have toggled the chime settings to none then back to mechanical. Tried rebooting them and even factory resetting them. Nothing will work to bring the chime back. It seems like there was an update pushed that broke all these devices. That would be the only explanation to why so many devices would go down with the same issue at the same time. Please look into this because some of the homeowners are out of your warranty timeline.


Add yet another Elite with this issue. Suddenly realized Nutone chime (BK131LSN-1) no longer working. System installed by builder two years ago. Works if doorbell removed and chime wires shorted together. Clearly some kind of Ring issue. Please fix.

Hi folks, I phoned Ring tech support just to log my issue (my thinking was the more this gets logged the more likely to fix). Actually got through to a second line support guy (Richie, many thanks!) that asked me to go through a few steps (though had done most already) and then he rolled back the firmware - as soon as he did this the mechanical chime started working again, hooray!

Unfortunately the device has updated itself again since then (Richie implied it might as there is no way to prevent this which makes sense in all fairness). Hopefully the issue will be patched in a new firmware release.

Ring team, it would be great if it could be confirmed that this issue has been recognised and that it is on your list of fixes due in a future firmware update (that will be released soon?)…?

Posting here to follow this thread. Thought I was losing my mind for the past few hours. I’m installing a brand new Ring Elite and it won’t ring the digital chime (and yes, it is specifically listed on Ring’s compatibility list). It does ring when I manually short the connection, but the device won’t do it.

Tried everything. You’d think they would post this known issue on their site somewhere. At least I found this thread. I suppose my install is “done” so now I just wait for a firmware upgrade to hear my doorbell?

Had a ticket opened with Ring to have developers look at the issue (Feb 1). They notified me today that that firmware was updated that should fix the issue.

Tested and it now works, issue resolved.

Not sure if Ring staggers updates, so YMMV if the firmware update rolls out over time.

Hope to hear the issue is resolved for others.

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Thank you for confirming this with the Community, @Btrek87! Glad to hear your chime kit is now working as intended.

Our teams are working hard to get this fixed, so if any other neighbors are still having this concern, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Thanks again for your feedback neighbors! :slight_smile:

i did last night and was told “” there was no eta to give on if it would be fixed …

Have the same issue. Tried disabling Alexa, Apple Homekit, cycled power on both my doorbells. Chime works when wires are touched together.

These worked fine for 2 years and in the last few weeks I noticed the change.

Hoping for a firmware update that resolves it ASAP.

Feel like they just want you to buy their chimes.

I’m happy to report that our mechanical doorbell has started working again as of a few days ago. No changes were made to the configuration so it must have auto updated.

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