Ring Elite has poor chime connector

I just installed the Ring Elite. It is a very nice camera and the quality is pretty good in the daytime. With a hard-wired network connection, the audio and video have no lag as it is inherent in your wifi-based models.
Installation was very easy.
That’s as far as a good rating I’ll give it for a $500 device

Negative Issues -
Porchlight or direct sunlight causes camera image to wash out. $100 CCTV cameras iris can adjust easily in those circumstances

Main issue is with the Door Chime connector. All the audio and video are run through the hard-wired network wiring so I don’t understand why the simple contact closure has an 80 ohm background resistance without the button being pressed. This causes a majority of door chimes to constantly chime without a button press. Ring’s solution - buy one of your “wall rat” chimes or dumb down a very good chime to a dumb “ding-dong” chime.

with a cheapo video doorbell, one can expect issues like this but for a $500 unit, it should work with anything. A door chime just needs a set of dry contacts with no background resistance. This connector should be just like a dumb doorbell button. This is the main reason I bought this unit because it has a separate connection just for a door chime.