Ring Elite ethernet - "activating device" takes forever

My new Elite doorbells are quick to alert me to motion or even a visitor ringing the bell. But when I try to “go live” what I see is “activating device” and then… a long, long wait. It can be 15 seconds, even much longer, by which time the delivery person has sometimes turned away already.

The connection is ethernet, and it’s strong - 27ms ping time at last check. Home wifi is also strong, no noticeable lag time and speed for all other apps or internet access on my iphone X is really fast.

Coupled with the time it takes for the app to compress the video footage into MPEG so I can replay what I missed while I waited to connect, and it can be two minutes before I figure out what was happening. That. Is. Absurd.

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Hey there, @outermagnolian! Does the live view take awhile to load when you are away from home, at home, or both? Sometimes when you are away from home and connected to another Wi-Fi network, it can take awhile for it to load because of the Wi-Fi you’re connected to. I also recommend that, if this is case, to disconnect from Wi-Fi quickly when trying to load the Live View.

If this is not the case, I recommend you reboot your router to try to refresh the connections throughout the home and to your Doorbell. If the concern persists, it might be a good idea to reach out to support at 1-800-656-1918! You can also look into getting the Rapid Ring App for faster load times for your Live View.