Ring Elite door bell (2017 edition)

I have a client that is hearing impaired, he has integrated ring cameras to Phillips hue lights that flash when door bell is pressed. This process is via the IFTTT code.
Most of the time it is reliable, but it would seem 1 in every 4th press the notifications to the phillips lights don’t work and i’m pretty confident we dont revcieve any notifications on the phone or ipad.

I have checked the network strength, i have resynced the doorbell, changed between ethernet and wifi connections, nothing so far has seemed to correct the issue.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @user53383. While API integrations such as IFTTT and SmartThings have some functionality with Ring, they aren’t officially supported integrations. Please reach out to IFTTT for troubleshooting assistance with that integration. As for notifications via the Ring app itself, make sure Ring and Motion Alerts are toggled on. If the client is using iOS devices, check that Do Not Disturb mode isn’t enabled. We have some additional troubleshooting steps for notifications here as well.