Ring Elite Chime problems

I am a ring installer for a company. I go out on calls to troubleshoot broken rings. I have been noticing at least six different communities. I’ve had over 10 Ring elite devices have the same issue at in the span of a week. Even have had 2 go out with the same issue at the same house that has a multi-gen with two devices installed. I’m sure there will be more but I have not went on those calls yet. I have had all these rings lose functionality to the door chime. I have toggled the chime settings to none then back to mechanical. Tried rebooting them and even factory resetting them. Nothing will work to bring the chime back. It seems like there was an update pushed that broke all these devices. That would be the only explanation to why so many devices would go down with the same issue at the same time. Please look into this because some of the homeowners are out of your warranty timeline.

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