Ring Elite and WIFI jamming

I am all over the place with getting correct information for this. if someone could be of help I’d really appreciate it. We currently have the video pro 3, and our wifi was jammed knocking the pro offline and people broke into our cars. We have home security, but just like most people now also having the video doorbell. I had a friend tell me we needed the elite since criminals apparently are always one step ahead. Our area isn’t known for such issues but I think the world is changing rapidly. At any rate, I purchased the elite, had so many issues trying to find someone to install, actually never did. Even rings third party installation company cannot install it. I then start reading all ring video doorbells are dependent on wifi either way. Two Ring representatives by chat confirmed as well that the elite is wifi dependent. So recently we returned the elite. NOW, i am viewing articles that say the elite is immune to wifi jamming. And I am a little annoyed that we returned it, but at the same time no one could even install. Is there anyone out there to once and for all tell me if the elite is prone to jamming as well or is it in fact immune?

@kalibuterfly13 Not 100% on this but the Elite when connected via PoE should push its data by default over the cable. The unit does have Wi-Fi as well but I never really understood why and I assume is disabled when it detects the data going over the cat 6 cable. I assume the Wi-Fi is there for someone who just wants to send the power over the cat 6 cable but why bother with the elite in that case as its a total hassle to install.

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