Ring edge question

Just got the ring alarm pro but I didn’t activate ring edge yet.

Currently every time my cameras record something it uses bandwidth to send the video to the cloud.

If I utilize ring edge and the videos are saved locally will it not use bandwidth unless I use live view or watch a recorded video?

Main reason I ask is the 3gb data limit for protect pro plan. If I switch to ring edge I’m hoping the video recording aspect won’t utilize the bandwidth unless I live view or watch recorded videos. Thank you

Hi @Mghtymous21. The amount of data that will be used can vary based on a few variables. The RSSI of the device, the duration of the recording and the frequency of recordings will all contribute to data be used. You can find out more about all of the Ring Alarm Pro features here.

I’m not sure if my basic understanding of the system is off or if maybe I wasn’t clear enough (that might come off snarky but it isn’t intended that way).

The way I understand edge is that the videos are transmitted locally over my personal wifi network and saved to the memory card in the base station and not uploaded to the cloud.

If I view the videos from my phone while my phone is not on the same wifi network the video will have to be uploaded through a cloud causing me to use data.

So theoretically if my cameras upload a video to the local storage on my local wifi network and my phone is on the local network can I view the videos without using any actual internet? Can the recording, uploading, and viewing be done completely local using just the wifi not actual internet?

I guess another way to put it would be to pretend the internet from my isp goes down and the cellular back up goes down. Will the videos still record, upload, and be able to be viewed if all devices are on the same local network?

Like I said my understanding of the basic functions could be completely incorrect so I do appreciate the assistance.

Thank you

Hi @Mghtymous21. Yes, Ring Edge allows you to process and store videos locally, even when you lose connectivity or fall offline. When the Ring Alarm Pro is offline, videos will not be available for review. In cases where the Ring Alarm Pro has become inoperable and is in need of replacement, the MircoSD card has been reformatted, or the Ring Alarm Pro Base Station has been Factory Reset, videos will not be available for review and are unable to be recovered. I hope this information helps.

As always, you can also reach out to our Ring Alarm Support Team at one of the numbers available here if you have any scenario specific questions about Ring Alarm Pro or Ring Edge. I also know of this YouTube video that really puts this information into a digestible format!

Thank you very much for your help I appreciate it greatly

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Of course @Mghtymous21! I’m always happy to help!