Ring Edge camera says footage is unavailable

Any camera using Ring Edge says “this footage is unavailable” in-between events for about 1 hour past the last event, unless a new event is triggered. I had another camera that did the same thing, but I switched it back to use the cloud and the problem immediately when away on the next recording. Maybe it’s just a gitch from Ring Edge thinking there’s files there when there’s not? The actual events record just fine, but it appears after every event.

Hi @CaptainWoodrow. What Camera models do you have that this happens on? What Ring app version are you using? Are you using Android or iOS, and is the OS up-to-date? Also, in the meantime, try rebooting the Cameras from the Ring app and rebooting your Alarm Pro Base Station to see if it helps. To reboot your Pro Base Station, press and release the pinhole reset button on the back of it. Do not press and hold the button, or it will factory reset.