Ring Edge blocking playback on web and Android, plus other issues

Recently I experienced numerous problems that are apparently being caused by Ring Edge. Locally recorded videos would not play on Android devices and the Ring web site. My Ring Doorbell Wired wasn’t sending motion notifications while Smart Alerts was enabled and no screenshots when Smart Alerts was disabled. My Ring Stick Up Cam was also not sending notifications when Smart Alerts was enabled. All of these problems cleared when I disabled Ring Edge local storage for all cameras. I strongly suspect all this is due to a bug in the current firmware and must be corrected by Ring. If it is not corrected then I basically wasted my money of this Ring Alarm Pro unit since the local storage was the reason I bought it. All this combined with the proprietary recording format that prevents us from playing videos directly from the SD card has me seriously considering looking for another brand that doesn’t have these bugs and restrictions.

I am seriously upset with the inconveniences Ring has been placing on us. They better get their act together or I foresee a mass exodus away from their products and services. Your move, Ring.

Hi @spektyr. We recently experienced an outage where Ring Edge enabled devices were having the issues you described. This issue has since been resolved. If you’re still having this concern, please follow up with our support team. You can also get in touch by sending a private message @Ring on Facebook or Twitter.