Ring Dorbell is not connecting

Why is Ring so rubbish? I have a Ring Doorbell and a Nest cam about the same distance from my WiFi router but while nest works fine I can never see live video in Ring. Connection never establishes. Now I have a very expensive non-smart Doorbell!

Hey @Prash546. What is the RSSI like for your Ring Doorbell? You can find out this on the Device Health page, as it can indicate if the Doorbell is having any connection concerns. Also, what are your speeds like in your home? If you can, please go outside, near the Doorbell, turn off mobile data on your phone, ensure you are connected to wifi, and do a speed test from the browser on your phone! This will give you an accurate reading of what your upload and download speeds are. When it comes to Live Viewing, the focus will be on upload.

As for the Ring Video Doorbells, depending on the model, we recommend an upload speed of around 1-2 Mpbs. If you have other devices, such as another camera connected, they will also have a requirement for minimum speeds. I recommend to see what upload speed you are offered through the speed test, and maybe even do a diagnosis of your router speeds with your ISP to see what device is using how much upload speed at any given time. With all of these bits of information, you will be able to see if your router is given enough upload speed to manage all devices in your home, including the Doorbell with it.

From time to time as well, you may need to give your router a reboot! What the reboot does is prioritize what is connected to it and even out the connections given to each device. This is important to do, as the more you add on the new devices, the more the old devices will still have “priority” and control over the good speeds, leaving not enough or a weak connection for the new device.

Lastly, I always like to recommend users to check out the Rapid Ring app. If you end up seeing you have a considerable RSSI and you do a speed test and find your have enough upload speed for the Doorbell, then the Rapid Ring app is a nice addition to your Ring system. The app only does Live Viewing and notifications of events when they happen, so this way you can see the video quicker, without the app having to load any device/account management options like the main Ring app will have.

I have RSSI of -54 and WiFi speed of 12 to 15 mbps with my phone right next to the doorbell. The speed for upload and download is about the same. I tried the Rapid Ring app and the result was the same. I have not been able to connect to the doorbell cam at all from Rapid Ring and the main Ring app only connects once in a while.

Raise your wi-fi router to a higher level, if it’s sittingon the floor or on a low desk/table raise it to a high shelf. This may help your connection issues. Think of the router as the tip of a cone, and your connections as the base under the tip of a cone. The higher the router, the wider your cone becomes underneath.

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@Prash546 It does seem like you do have a rather high RSSI, but if you have no other devices in the home using your upload speed (no live streaming, video watching, other cameras or devices that could use upload speed), then you should be fine with those upload speeds.

@Arunner304 That is a great suggestion, and something I would also recommend other neighbors to try! A couple things you can try, to see if you can help with the network situation or slightly high RSSI you have:

  • Give your Doorbell a quick reset by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds. After a few minutes, try to activate a Live View from either app.
  • Reboot your router. This will re-establish the connection that everything has in your home and could improve/lower the RSSI.
  • Re-set up your Doorbell. Making sure to save all videos you may want or need before removing the Doorbell and re-adding. Once re-added, see if this has helped improve your RSSI. This will be like a hard reset on the device, but having it re-establish the wifi connection, as if it were the first time.

Let me know if doing any of these things seems to help!