RIng Doorview Peephole Camera - Falling off WiFi

Hi all, my video doorbell keeps disconnecting from the Wifi network - it was ok for the first couple of months then it started disconnecting, only able to stay connected a couple hours before I have to manually reconnect it via the app. I split out my 2G from my 5G network and played around with the 2G settings to ensure no conflicts and found that this helped somewhat. Now instead of disconnecting every 2hrs, it disconnects maybe around every day or so.

I also note that when it disconnects and I manually reconnect it, it is installing a firmware update which makes me wonder if that is causing the issues.

Anyone with a similar experience/found a solution?


I have not experienced this issue. Is the device fairly new? It could be defective. If you call Ring Support, they will have you walk through trouble-shooting. Then if it’s still under warranty or you have Ring Plus, the will replace the device.

Hi @xovut. We have this Help Center article with other steps to try when a Ring device keeps falling offline. If you try these steps and still have the same concern, like meme mentioned, call our support team for further assistance.