Ring doorbells compatible with existing chime

Hello, I was looking into Ring doorbells and little bit puzzled which models support existing doorbell chimes. I have an 20 yrs old German doorbell system powered by 13V AC (measured by multimeter) transformer located in an unknown location. I don’t want any additional chimes so I want to hardwire the Ring doorbell to the existing doorbell system using the existing transformer and chime. DYI installation is a must. I was looking at base model Ring Doorbell Wired but in the installation instructions it says that one has to bypass the existing chime, logic of this escapes me? Please advise.

Hi @Jupe. The Doorbell Wired is not compatible with any chime kit. This affordable option is great if you have a home with Amazon Alexa devices that can act as a chime kit. All of the other Ring Doorbells are compatible with chime kits, with the caveat that they each have their own voltage requirements. Hardwiring the battery operated models will have your doorbell transformer provide a trickle charge to your battery, where the dedicated hardwired devices will be powered solely by the doorbell transformer. Each have their own features and benefits to fit your needs. I hope this information helps.