Ring Doorbells Alarms—No manual option?

I just want to get some clarification. I have 2nd generation doorbell. I don’t Ring HOME or Alexa or any of those setups. I was home when a man was on the porch taking my things. I, of course get an alarm indICAating there was motion on porch. I opened app and proceeded to watch him tAKE MY BELONGINGS? I was looking for the manual alarm or even the speaker functions so i could at least shout at him. I was confused . So I I just wanted to ask a very simple question: are you able to manually trigger the alarm in an emergency or speak to people at the door? anymore?

It seems like every answer is for people with whole system set up. I have one doorbell—I just want to know thtat if a motion goes off, and you see a stranger in your backyard, can i ring an alarm or speak through phone?

Hi @user72341. Ring Doorbells do not have a siren in them. You can activate the two-way audio on Live View by tapping on the microphone icon, allowing you to speak to whoever is at your door. Make sure the Ring app has permission to use your microphone, which you can adjust in your phone’s settings, and speak clearly into the microphone on your phone. I hope this helps.

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