Ring doorbell2 stopped working

My ring doorbell 2 has stopped recording and the doorbell feature no longer works. Live view however does still work and is recorded as usual.

The doorbell has sufficient battery, good connection to the internet, and firmware all up to date.

I have pressed the setup button inside the casing and whilst the doorbell light went blue for a period of time, it’s not done anything.

Chime is also up to date firmware wise and fully connected to internet.

Anyone know what I can do to fix it?

UPDATE: I have deleted and reinstalled both ring doorbell and chime. Still does not work.

Mine was doing the same thing, (Ring Pro 2), came here for answers, hadn’t found anything. Was poking around the app and found that this model can be rebooted from the app, I rebooted and it started working again.

Have you tried rebooting?

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Hi @user57962. When you say the doorbell feature no longer works, do you mean that the Doorbell isn’t registering when you press the button? Does it make any sound, or send a notification to your phone at all? It would also help to know if the doorbell press shows up in the Event History tab.

Hi @AZ3, I’m glad to hear that a reboot resolved the issues you were experiencing. :slight_smile:

Hi. Doorbell function not working at all - button doesn’t go blue, no ring through the chime, no notification from the app.

I ended up deleting and setting the doorbell up again. It then worked for a couple of days. Unfortunately, it’s now not working again with exactly the same issue. Please advise.

Interesting! I did a reboot and completely removed the doorbell from my app and set it all up again. It worked perfectly for a couple of days. Unfortunately it’s now back to not working - exactly the same issue as before. So frustrating. Thanks for your help.

Hi @user57962. I’m happy to chime in. Those were excellent steps to try to fix your concern. The next best step would be to give our support team a call to further investigate.

Thank you. I’ve tried calling but looks like I’ll be charged for the call from my phone provider. Do you have a free number to call?

@user57962. What country are you calling from?