Ring Doorbell2 started showing power source as battery after 2 years.

I am having the same issue. It has worked well for years - stopped working due to battery being depleted. I removed and recharged it. I tested the wires at the doorbell and all is well. Reconnected Ring and the Power Source is now ‘Battery’. Ring can figure out how to fix this, or I will move over to Unifi Protect. Please advise.

any updates on this, Mine is doing the same thing and its been 2 years also. I even replaced the transformer and same issue

Look like I might have to switch to the Wyze Doorbell, look pretty and ways and free cloud storage. It just crazy the people that have this issue and Ring isnt doing anything about it. Seems like they are forcing people to upgrade

Hi there, neighbors! There are a number of factors that might drain your Ring devices battery or even impact the effectiveness of an applied charge to it from existing wiring. Our Community post about battery drain covers many of these variables, from usage to environmental causes. Understanding that you are wanting to see the status in your device health, optimizing the effectiveness of a charge on the battery might help with this. Please also ensure the Ring app is up to date, or even try checking on another mobile device, if possible. It’s also worth checking your battery life overtime to see if a charge is being applied to the battery, even if it is not shown in the Ring app.

Same problem here, after 2 years off having no issues. now the ring doorbell 2 shows that it is running on battery. I checked the power adapter with a multimeter and everything its ok. any advice?