Ring Doorbell2 Solar Charging

I have a Ring Doorbell 2 which does not support the Solar Panel charger. Is there a way to replace it with a version that support the Solar Panel charger?

Good question, @MaxMelb! Ring.com has our latest and greatest in Video Doorbells to choose from, and the battery-powered models will also have a compatible Solar Charger to choose from on the accessories page. The Video Doorbell models that are compatible with a Solar Charger bracket are:

  • Video Doorbell 1st Generation
  • Video Doorbell 2020 Release
  • Video Doorbell 2
  • Video Doorbell 3 & Video Doorbell 3 Plus
  • Video Doorbell 4

If you are looking to trade in your current model to apply towards a purchase of a newer Video Doorbell, check out the Amazon Home Security Trade-in Program. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: