Ring doorbell won't turn on A19 bulb with motion

I just purchased two A19 bulbs and the bridge. I’ve had the Ring Video Doorbell 3 for about 3 weeks now. I put my A19 bulbs on our front porch and our back porch. However, I linked the back porch to the doorbell so that it would turn the light on whenever the doorbell detected motion. It’s not working. I’ve unlinked and re-linked a million times to not have it work. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong. Everything is connected properly to the internet.

It sounds like you are doing this correctly @lanefam8417. I recommend checking for any light schedule or motion schedule options on either the Doorbell or Smart Lighting settings that might interfere with this. Please also ensure your Smart Lighting Bridge is within optimal distance of your wifi router and A19 bulb, for best communication. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: