Ring doorbell wont call my phone

Ive not had my ringdoorbell long. When i first got it (android s20) if the doorbell was pressed I would get a call to answer or cancel.

Now since ive changed phone to S22 i get a notification someone is at the door but I dont get a call. My partner iphone latest one. Has never had a call she just gets a notification.

All notifications and motions are set on. Am i missinh something.


You tap on the notification, which should open the Ring app, and from there you can see the live view and if needed talk to the person(s) at the door.

Hi @Toffeeste. Do you have Rich Notifications turned on? Check out this Help Center article here which will better describe Rich Notifications. Tapping on a Rich Notification should activate a Live View of the device. Let me know if this helps.