Ring doorbell won’t connect to Alexa Echodot

I have recently bought a ring doorbell and echo dot as a combined package from Amazon. So far I’m not impressed with the overly complex setup process and after 4 hours I still can’t get the Amazon echo dot to tell me when someone is at the door, although it will allow me to talk to the person at the door if it is imitated with the echodot. Go figure.
I’ve read a lot of recent reviews that say the same thing. Is this a known fault? Is this a cynical ploy to get me to buy a separate chime? Or a bit of both…?
Distinctly unimpressed.

Do an internet search for “echo dot work with ring doorbell” and you’ll find an article at Reviewed that goes through the steps to get the Dot to work with a Ring doorbell.
Interesting, I read some of the reviews on Amazon for the Dot and I saw most people saying they got it to work just fine, and that the key was to activate a Ring Skill in the Alexa app.
So it appears you are mistaken about it being a widespread issue.

Cheers for the tip but I’ve gone through the unlink, relink skills accounts. Like I said, 4 hours of googling/troubleshooting.

Also, check the reviews on the skill. It is widespread.

Hi @timmeh. This Help Center article here has information on how to connect and activate you Alexa enabled devices with the Ring Doorbell. This page here is also a great resource.