Ring Doorbell (Wireless ) Firmware Loop

My 3 plus recently started going into a firmware update every other day. It then started trying to update the firmware after every event. For example, if a motion alert was detected, I received the notification and then the doorbell immediately started flashing white and the app would note that firmware update was in process. I rebooted the device and even did a hard reset and added it back to my app. Nothing worked.
I contacted support who then sent out a replacement device. I received a Ring 4 today. I set it up and it immediately started installing an update. It now does the same thing as the previous device. I plan to give it 24 hours and call support again…just in case. Is this firmware bad???

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Hi @rxtiger. Unfortunately, I would not be able to tell what is causing this to happen to your Doorbell again since the Community is a public forum and we do not have access to your account to go in depth. The next best step is to work with our support team once more. You should be able to ask to work with our advanced technical team since this is an ongoing concern.