Ring Doorbell wired with 1st Gen plug in adapter

Good evening,
I have just received the new Ring doorbell wired as a gift, but my wife said the 2nd gen adapter is a 6 to 7 week lead time for delivery.

We’re having a new door and frame fitted next week and I would like to install before this is done. I don’t want to buy some of the cheap Chinese brand less ones and saw the 1st gen adapter is in stock.

Is the 1st gen plug in adapter compatible with the ring doorbell wired?

Thank you in advance.

Glad you asked, @crash_evans! The Video Doorbell Wired is only able to be powered by transformer or the Plug-In Adapter 2nd Generation model. The 1st Generation Plug-In Adapter model is not designed for the Video Doorbell Wired. You can find these on the accessories page at Ring.com, along with other powering methods, such as a transformer. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: