Ring Doorbell wired not picking up motion

Hi All,

I got a ring doorbell a couple of days ago and I have noticed its not picking up motion on things such like vehicles moving like pulling onto the drive etc. It also I find starts recording to late it starts recording people when they’re at the door at times and not them approaching the door. It also doesn’t pick up motion of people walking past. The default motion is set to everything it can see and also its on max on motion sensitivity and doesn’t seem to of made a difference.

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Hi there, @aaronf15! The best method for optimizing motion detection is through trial and error. Testing each motion setting available is a great way to see what works best for you. As every home is different, some features may work better in your environment than others. For this same reason, feel free to also disable certain motion features in the Ring app to see if this improves motion for you. I recommend also checking settings like Motion Scheduling, Modes, and Motion Snooze as these can prevent motion or motion notifications. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi I am having the same issue and no matter what I do its not picking up motion until right by my door,

Hi @Hankz. This could be due to the settings on your Doorbell, or how it is positioned. I suggest looking over this Community post here for some tips and tricks for optimizing your doorbells motion detection.