Ring doorbell wired installation

Hi. New user here. I am looking at purchasing the ring video doorbell wired from amazon currently at £49. I have a wired standard doorbell just now powered from the mains going to a transformer located beside my main electricity board. Also a photo of my chime. Can someone kindly tell me if the ring video doorbell is compatible with what I have and if so do I connect all 2 white wires in my chime to the bypass cable that comes with the ring doorbell? Many thanks in advance.

Here is my transformer box

Hi @Maru01. Although I’m unfamiliar with your specific chime kit, it looks to be compatible. Here is a list of compatible chime kits. Since there are only 2 wires connected, it’s safe to say that these are the 2 wires where the jumper cable will be installed. It looks like the top terminal has a F for front and the bottom has a T for trans. I hope this helps!

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