Ring doorbell wired impossible to reset when installing

Bought a second hand Ring video doorbell (latest model, not the Pro version). My electrician installed it. He id not connect it to the old/excisting chime, because I have a Ring chime that I want to use. He put in a transformer in the socket cabinet and connected the doorbell to this transformer. There is power into the doorbell, a solid blue light is there. But it is not responding when I try to reset it with the orange button (also tried holding the button for a long time to hard reset it). So it is impossible to get it into installation mode/white light flashing. Any hints?

Hi @Drammen_7. What exact model Doorbell did you install? What are the specs of the transformer that was installed? This information will help me look into your concern.

Hi latest model Ring Wired. But today I managed to fix it myself. My electrician said that I could try to cut the power by remowing the socket in the socket cabinet. That helped, it is OK now :grinning:

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