Ring Doorbell Wired (2021) direct to transformer


Im in the process of setting up a pair of the new 2021 Ring doorbell wired at my front and side door. I have decided to bypass my old doorbell wire and chime entirely. I have ran brand new 18/2 wire to each bell and back to a new 24v 40va transformer in my basement. I just want to confirm that i can hook the bells up directly to the transformer without the need of any special device in line. I have seen some diagrams on ring.com for other models like the pro that require a bypass device so that the transformer does not overheat when the bell is pushed. I take it that is not needed on the ring doorbell wired because it does not have the capability to ring a chime at all, correct?

Hi @sussman8. The Ring Doorbell Wired comes with a “Jumper Cable” that will allow you to bypass your existing chime kit. This Help Center article here has some great information on the correct installation process. I hope this helps.