Ring doorbell will only ring once

Just bought a new Ring doorbell with chime. To my surprise…yes, it only rings once…they always get you on something. Why do I want a doorbell that only rings once??? Please fix this.

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Wish I had known about this issue before purchasing this item. It’s ridiculous that a doorbell rings only once, then forces the user to wait 30 seconds without telling anyone that this is the case. Just installed mine today but will be returning it tomorrow.

This is really sad.
Seems the more related feature request entry has been removed for whatever reason too.

It seems you can extend or shorten the reaction time by choosing a longer or shorter recording time.
I personally would like to be able to set the recodirng up for 5 seconds. or 10 seconds.

According to my app, the minimum time I can record is 50 seconds. Why?

Hey neighbors. If you wish to vote for this feature, you can find this Feature Request here. This will allow you to share interest you interest in one place. Thanks, neighbors.

Insane. I cannot believe that a high tech doorbell can’t even function like a basic doorbell. ALLOW MORE THAT ONE RING PLEASE, THIS IS ABSOLUTE NONSENSE!