Ring doorbell will only ring once

Wish I had known about this issue before purchasing this item. It’s ridiculous that a doorbell rings only once, then forces the user to wait 30 seconds without telling anyone that this is the case. Just installed mine today but will be returning it tomorrow.

This is really sad.
Seems the more related feature request entry has been removed for whatever reason too.

It seems you can extend or shorten the reaction time by choosing a longer or shorter recording time.
I personally would like to be able to set the recodirng up for 5 seconds. or 10 seconds.

According to my app, the minimum time I can record is 50 seconds. Why?

Hey neighbors. If you wish to vote for this feature, you can find this Feature Request here. This will allow you to share interest you interest in one place. Thanks, neighbors.

Insane. I cannot believe that a high tech doorbell can’t even function like a basic doorbell. ALLOW MORE THAT ONE RING PLEASE, THIS IS ABSOLUTE NONSENSE!

Ludicrous this is standard behaviour, move it to the top of the backlog post haste.

Since ring is only sending what has to be bots or employees who do not read(@Tom_Ring , @Marley_Ring), has anyone found a better option/brand of smart doorbell that performs this very basic function?

I cannot believe after so many request this stupid device only rings my doorbell once. I got mine today and am so upset. I need to return it.

I found a solution let’s see if it works for you guys.
First get a pro power kit

Then install it just connect it to the two already existing wires of the chime

Then test it
If it fails and it only rings once

Replace the transformer
One grades at
Input: AC 120V 60Hz
Output: AC 16V 30VA

Then test it again
If it works great I found the solution when the HD couldn’t

Good luck if I run into more problems I’ll upload the way I made it work
Hope this helped

This is hard to hear. Get my Ring today and the same behaviour like 2018 the first entry to this topic was written. If a visitor push the button only one sound at my iphone and the visitor can’t push the button again for about 50 seconds. I have to send it back too.

Does anybody knows an other WIFI doorbell which has an other (normal) behaviour. I do not need record features. Just need a video doorbell with an app.

Thanks in advance


Absolutely ridiculous. A ring bell that doesn’t ring. And the company name is …. Ring.

I am a computer/electrical engineer. Replaced transformers, cut drywalls, debugged, replaced the unit… just to find out that this is by design. What a horror. Amazing design decision. This is going back to the store.

For God’s sake, this is not a feature. It is a Bug. Fix it without asking people to request the feature.