Ring doorbell will only ring once

Ring, this is absolutely ridiculous and in fact a show-stopper. Unless a solution is being worked-on or at least committed, I will have to return the unit. What a product management failure. The responsible person should go back to “product management 101”. All the advanced features offered are nice and well, but you first need to cover at least the basic user requirements and expectations. And for a doorbell - not very surprisingly - this means that the thing should “ring”, when you push it, once, twice, or as many times as it is being pushed (and reliably so). Please fix this quickly!!! (As someone already said, it should not be too much development/coding effort. So failure to do so would only be an indication that you do not care about your users, unless you can provide reasons why a fix is not possible).


I purchased two ring doorbells a year ago partly because Amazon purchased the company and it worked with Alexa. Both doorbells worked with two rings on my mechanical chime with one push and each would ring the chime again when pushed before 30 seconds. I didn’t note the date when that changed, but that change had to be via an automatic software (firmware) update to the device. Ring is now telling us that they can’t send two rings nor detect additional pushes of the doorbell as there is already an event started on the first push hence the need to wait 30 sec. As a senior software engineer I believe otherwise. The doorbell was working previously. I suspect that changes were made to speed up the access to video without considering the impact to other functionality. These are fixes that can be made and applied by Ring via a software update. I agree, Ring needs to cover the basic user requirements and expectations for a doorbell, this is “ring” when you push it, once, twice, or as many times as it is being pushed.

I liked the Ring concept but I’m getting tired of people telling me my doorbell doesn’t work. I’m considering investing in another vendor’s products and telling everyone I know that I don’t recommend Ring.


The whole team which designed this once-ring-per-30sec feature needs to be fired.

No way in the world the assumed function of any doorbell, ring when doorbell pressed, should not be default. (At least expose the behavior as an option).

@Marley_Ring Sorry, this is not a feature request, it’s a critical bug fix.

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Totally agree, this is critical bug to fix.

The very first functionality of this thing is to “ring”, video recoding etc all come second. We need it to ring multiple times instead of one-ring-per-30sec.

I don’t understand why this hasn’t been fixed after so many people having complained this for so long. It is just a firmware update. It is ridiculous.


Just installed my ring doorbell and that’s the very first thing I noticed. This is definitely a deal breaker for me. If you want to sell cameras, fine. Market it as a camera and sell it. Don’t market it as a doorbell if it doesn’t fr***king work as a doorbell.

Thankfully ring is so good at their incompetence that one of the most fundamental functions has been broken for close to 2 years. Makes it very easy to notice that ring products don’t work and gives me ample time to to return it and go with a competitor.

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Our deck was on fire last night while we were sleeping. A concerned citizen stopped their car and came to the door trying to wake us up and get us out of the house. He stood there pushing the doorbell 10000 times for the ring doorbell to ring just once. This bug is going to get people killed! What a horrific idea in emergencies.


Hi Ring. Would it be an idea to think about making a doorbell? Your system provides no flexibility to allow a button signal greater than 1 second, making it useless for true “mechanical” bell and then restricts when the next bell push can be made. I am having to re-engineer your 1 s pulse to trigger a full bell sound. Sometimes people just make life too hard. Come on!

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I don’t advise any one to buy ring due to this issue. They failed big time. Why would they restrict multiple push ring. I am going to stand there and wait for 30 seconds for it to do another ring. Very annoying. It is programming 101. Don’t break existing feature to add more feature. They try to make it fancy but they break the basic concept of ring!!!

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Is no one from ring product team watching out for these complain threads???
There is a basic feature missing that makes the product useless … today my little daughter came from school, rang the doorbell once pressing lots of times more. As I sit in a teams call I did not hear it.
Then I got a phone call from neighbors if I may let my little one in.

Ring, are you serious???

Pls fix immediately this major system failure!!!

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Just installed my Doorbell Pro 2, straight away noticed this “Critical bug”, seriously thinking to return it!! Come on, listen to your customer, nothing to lose to add an option for continuous door alert when you press it.
If you can’t implement due to the default hardware restriction, let your customer know about it before they made their purchase decision, it’s misleading to sell it as a “doorbell”

This is a necessary feature and think should be added to product to make it useful …

this is a bug in your product, saying it should be fixed via feature request is not a “solution”

everyone here please click the vote button on these:

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hi 2022 feb i have the same problem . Ring doorbell will only ring once plus the motion setting . doesnt work either . just the blue screen to the areas you want cover , doesnt make any different plus the motions doesnt work at dark .it seem you pass the buck . i need this sorted please .its your product please sort and sort out the app for huawei phone as well thank you . please dont come back with the post below . thank you

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indeed. i just had mine installed, and thought it wasn’t working. google search brought me here. Ring is NOT LISTENING. If you want to lead a lawsuit, you’ll have a TON of companions!! Or they could just do a software fix- as others have noted, ideally with options- once every second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds

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good article here -The Ring Doorbell Can Only Ring ONCE (Why?!) - Smart Home Point

I couldn’t believe it when I saw that an expensive doorbell doesn’t do what ALL doorbells have to do… pressed the button, ring.
That’s why we all have a doorbell.
I thought it would be my mistake, I researched and stopped here… I can’t believe it, apparently it’s just like that, only Ring every 60 seconds.
And now I can’t return it, the 30 days have passed, I was waiting for the weather to be good to put it on.
I’ve had family members knocking on the gate because I didn’t hear the bell and they knew I was home.
I feel like breaking this with a hammer…
The camera function is interesting, but MUCH MUCH more useful is to do the basics… press the button as many times as you want and ring the bell.
I’m going back to the old bell.

Maybe you need to temper your family and friends expectations that expecting you to run to your door just because they ring it is not good. Tell them ring the door bell once and if after a few minutes you don’t answer try again.
For me, it would be dangerous if I had to rush to my door. People coming to my door know it takes a moment (sometimes a couple minutes) for me to get there and repeatedly ringing the doorbell is just annoying and not productive.

The worst thing is that the product does not warn buyers that it only plays every 60 seconds, they are deceiving people.
The BASIC function of a doorbell is to ring whenever the button is pressed… it’s basic

It’s June 2022 and Ring doorbells are still broken. I’ll be returning the doorbell, power supply, and the three chimes.