Ring doorbell will only ring once

I just ran into the same issue, I even bought a new transformer as I thought it was due to low voltage, this is a sad excuse for a doorbell.

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I have a nice big bell (not quite as large as you might see in a church steeple) right next to my ring doorbell. The bell has a cord with a carabiner which sits inches from the doorbell’s button. Most people still pull the carabiner :slight_smile: At this very moment, I have disabled all motion functionality for my ring doorbell and actually, it goes into live view pretty well. So I can somewhat screen our callers using a little very old technology and a little new technology…

And - in my current configuration I was able to go into live view recently as I waited in a doctor’s office miles away from my home.

Not quite what I thought I was purchasing but ring has worn me out. I can no longer return it so I am just trying to make the best of a bad situation.

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Yes, that helps, better chance of hearing it as it only rings once :slight_smile:

This is a defect. You press a button, it rings. One for one, not one per many.

Wife is ■■■■■■. Why in God’s name would you configure this in this manner?

Why can’t they fix this ? More, why hasn’t this been fixed yet?

We appreciate the continue feedback on this, neighbors! As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

I agree with everyone who has posted about the single ring when the doorbell is pressed. The door bell should ring every time its pressed. Previously it would ring every time the door bell was pressed. One of the firmware upgrades changed this beviour. Would greatly appreciate the Ring techs , reverting back to the original ring behaviour (i.e. back to the original config). Or perhaps, give the home owner the option in the app. 1. Ring every time when door bell is pressed 2. Ring only once.


Me too. This “door bell” doesn’t conform to the Trade Descriptions Act.
I purchased my Ring Pro 2 and Ring Chime Pro which cost me £268. It is worse that the £5 wireless Bell I got from Aldi.
Whoever heard of a front door bell that can only be rung once in 30 seconds!
I am going to try and return this tomorrow.


I just brought one too, but I can’t return because now my door have 4 drill holes on it fml

Just installed my ring wired. Could not believe it only rings once! Exactly as mentioned above, you have packed so many useless features into a product which is simply meant to make a noise when pressed. Please update the firmware to make the product sound on every press, both chime and unit. Or at least make it an option in settings.


I just bought a ring doorbell and ring chime. Why does the doorbell not ring my chime every single time someone pushes the button? This is the stupidest issue that I have ever experienced. I really mean it. It really is that dumb. This can clearly be fixed with a code drop. If this takes more than a few hours to code/unit test, QA, and deploy, I would be shocked.

Please make this device work like a door bell… All of your competitors have door bells that ring the chime evey time the button is pushed. Having the chime ring 1 time and then disabling the button is not a feature, it is a bug. It is a flaw in the device programming. Please fix it… If you can’t fix existing networked devices to perform the root function for which they were designed, why would I ever buy another one of your products?

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Yes…same problem here. I was actually trying to see if a ring would automatically display the visitor on my Echo Show devices. So I rang the Ring doorbell and then ran to each of 4 rooms where I have an Echo Show (quickly, because the video, if displayed, is only visible for a few seconds). This limitation obliged me to ring the doorbell multiple times which revealed Ring’s 30 second (or more) delay in allowing the doorbell to function successively.

On the Upside, this 72 year old Ring Doorbell owner is getting a good, strenuous workout. :blush:

Same here! Functionality - failed! Fix it please!
Make it at least customizable!

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This is ridiculous! im returning my Ring Wired Doorbell. What kind of a joke is this? i bought this product because i work at the attic and never hear my doorbell. now This product only rings 1x every 60s ?! makes no sense

@Marley_Ring Please fix this! Spending a lot of money for smart doorbells that cannot even have basic doorbell functionality is very disappointing, especially when other competitors smart doorbells have this ability. Also I have seen this work in older firmware so this is definitely something that’s fixable through software update

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Apparently Ring has no fix for this issue, as people have been complaining about this problem for a very long time, and Ring has done absolutely nothing responsive to correct this defect. Ring is selling their doorbell product to consumers (and collecting the profits) and consumers correctly expect the doorbell function to work normally - meaning that the doorbell chime rings each time the doorbell button is pressed. It does not. Given Ring’s non-response responses to date, this product defect apparently must be resolved via a class action lawsuit. Maybe that will get some kind of resolution. Who’s on-board?


Is there a firmware update for this? My new Ring Pro 2 can only ring the doorbell once every 30 seconds or so and not every time someone pushes the button on the ring door bell…

Not yet that I’ve seen. Tons of complaints though.

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Same issue here and it is very disappointing from Ring not looking out for the customers. This is a very basic feature. The doorbell should maintain it is original functionality. Give miss by the Ring team.

Did anyone create a feature request? If so, what is the link? We should create one and we all should vote for it.

Hear, hear I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this is a problem. Every time you press the button the doorbell should ring!

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I’ve just installed a ring 3 doorbell along with a ring chime. I’ve also noticed it only rings once when the postman had to bang on the door as i was out the garden. Bit of a waste of money if this cannot be fixed as it’s not really fit for purpose for me IMO.