Ring doorbell will only ring once

When a visitor rings the doorbell they are only able to ring it once not multiple times.
Not good if u dont have your phone on you and you dont hear the chime either. Is there an option anywhere that the bell can be rung more than once if you dont hear it the first time


Good question @Ric1! If your Doorbell is pressed an event will begin recording and notification is sent. While additional presses will not notify again during the event, the recording will usually end in about 30 seconds (depending on model), and become available for another ding event moments afterward. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

this doesn’t help. what would help is if the doorbell behaved like every other doorbell and allowed for more than one ring every 30 seconds.


I agree…that answer is a non-answer. It just described the basic function of the Ring doorbell and that was all.

Isn’t there a way to allow the ring doorbell to ring more than once per 30 seconds? I mean, just have it so that it makes a ring that the visitor can hear the second time the other times they push it so that they know it’s working? It must be possible with a firmware update, shouldn’t it?

I had people say they were going to leave because we didn’t hear the chime or have our phone on us and then when they pushed the button again no ring was heard, so they figured no one was home or the doorbell wasn’t working (they knocked, that’s how we knew they were there).

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Hi neighbors! At Ring, we are always working to add to and improve on our devices and features. As we like to provide many options or solutions for your ‘Ring of security’, one of those solutions is our Chime and Chime Pro.

If your existing chime kit is too short of a ring or not loud enough, our Chime devices feature a volume setting and various tones to choose from. You can also have multiple and plug them in close to the door for visitors to hear. These devices can be found on our accessories page at Ring.com. Alternatively, here is our chime kit compatibility list which may contain a louder chime kit or a digital one with more sound options. :slight_smile:

I still dont see the solution to this - HOW CAN I SET THE RING DOORBELL TO RING WHEN PRESSED EVERY TIME???


Agree, I have the same issue. What would be the solution for this? I am sure there should be a setting which allows for multiple rings?

Looking for a solution as well. I run an electrical company and will need about 200 units for a major job downtown, but this will definitely but a deal breaker. I have a pro installed at home and if you miss the first time the doorbell was pressed, you are likely to miss a visit or a package from being delivered for the simple fact that a second or third press does not ring the doorbell. Pretty ridiculous.

I found this Ring defect by experience. Sometimes I may not hear an original ring and have had delivery persons tell me they tryed ringing the doorbell multiple times without results. This is undesirable because I’ve missed getting deliveries on-time. I’ve had to tell certain people to go an alternate home non-Ring doorbell location at to try again if they think I’m home. When asked why, I’ve had to tell them that thats how the Ring works. Their response is typically “that’s no good!”. Ring needs to fix this defect!

Mine used to ring twice with one press, I thought it was normal. I just realized this week that it is down to one ring per push. Was I imagining things or did something change?

My ring is connected to my alexa devices. When the button is pressed, not only does my mechanical chime go off, but the ring sound plays out of all my alexa devices followed by an announcement from alexa that someone is at the door. I know its not the ideal solution but we never miss a ring. LOL.


Mine is also, I was just curious because it used to ring twice with one press of the button. So trying to figure out if that is the way it was supposed to be or was it an issue and is now operating as designed.

Sounds like Ring is saying they don’t care and to buy a better solution.
Sounds like a good plan to me!

I Have the same problem. @Ring : Please fix this ridiculous issue!

What a disaster! I just realized that the doorbell on rings once ! now I have to figure out if I can return it.

Hi Marley
I too have the same problem as others that I’m reading here on this thread - with the annoying pause before able to ring again. The point that we want to make is to have the door bell function like all other wired door bells. Making the door bell louder or move it closer to the door is to miss the point and is not addressing the real issue here. To be honest, had I known that this would not function like an ordinary standard door bell, I would not have purchased this product and just went with a cam leaving my original door bell intact. Lesson learned , you got me - shame on me! What people are wanting or need to see is some sort of upgrade to correct the actual issue in question. Please help assist us by reaching out to your software team making so that they can start working toward a software patch that will allow options for multiple rings if desired.


I agree with the many people complaining about this . You created a security camera and ignored the basic functionality that people expect from a doorbell - you press it, it rings. Your product manager has lost the plot. I’d return this if I could . Today. My first 2 visitors tried to ring the bell multiple times and guess what - they told me the doorbell was broken

I also have this same problem. I just switched from a Nest doorbell and wish I didn’t. Only one ring every 30 seconds is crazy.


If I had known it didn’t function like a regular doorbell I would not have purchased the device and may return it. It’s a basic feature that is expected - you push the button and the doorbell should ring (every time you push the button). I will share the lack of functionality with everyone I know if an update is not created to address this issue.

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I completely agree with everyone complaining about the single ring every 30 seconds. It is sad that I either have to return the chime without a resolution to needing a doorbell within my home OR place a tacky sign on my ring to let visitors know they can only ring the doorbell once every 30 seconds. PLEASE RING FIX THIS ISSUE SO WE CAN HAVE A NORMAL DOORBELL THAT RINGS INSIDE MY HOME! Otherwise, there really isn’t much benefit to having the Chime.

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