ring doorbell will not connect to the internet

i have just bought a ring doorbell, followed all the setup instructions and it still has no internet connection

Hey @wally1964! The first thing I recommend checking is that the battery is charged (if battery powered), or that power/ wiring is sufficient (if voltage powered). Once confirmed, try performing another setup close to your wifi router to ensure the signal is strong.

If your Doorbell continues to fail setup, try reaching out to our support team who can troubleshoot more in depth with you. :slight_smile:

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I’ve had this same problem. The doorbell that I’ve had for about a year stopped working. It is wired up, not on battery, and the doorbell itself has a strong tone. When I push set up twice, I get a message that says that “there seems to be a problem with the internet;” yet my phone is getting 4 bars at that exact spot. I’ve rebooted my router twice, to no avail. Do these things just fail that quickly?


I am having the same problem as you. I installed the Ring 2 doorbell yesterday and am getting the message that there’s a problem connected. I am thinking i need a wifi entender, but will try calling customer support 1st to troubleshoot.


Please give our support team a call, as this seems it may need a bit in depth troubleshooting. Thank you!

No internet connection

I’m having the same problem, I’ve tried over and over. Unplugged routed several times. was able to get my echos to connect. Frustrated

I’ve had the same problem connecting a Ring Video Doorbell. I’ve spent about six hours today trying everything I could think of. We got a Ring Video doorbell as a gift for a Christmas and I just got around trying to set it up today. I ordered a Ring solar charger for this doorbell about a week ago and yesterday I bought a Chime Pro from Best Buy. I should have tried setting up the doorbell before I bought these.

I started off connecting the Chime Pro. I did not have a bit of trouble with that. It connected to my router without a problem. I then went through the steps to add the doorbell. The Chime Pro verbally said it recognized to doorbell was set up on it correctly. It then tried to connect to the Internet. It failed showing the left side of the doorbell button light in white which supposedly indicates an internet connection or speed problem. The connection from the router to the internet was fine, other PCs I have connected just fine. Our ISP is cable and the speed it fine.

I tried connecting the doorbell directly to the router…same problem. I tried connecting to a different router…same problem. I tried all sorts of combinations, checked router messages, etc., etc. and got the same problem. I can only assume there is something wrong with the doorbell device. I’m not going to spend $200.00 for another doorbell and have the same thing happen now or maybe happen a year from now when it gets a little age. I’m taking the Chime Pro back and will send the solar charger back when it comes.