Ring doorbell, will not complete set up

I have previously had this device set up on my home broadband network. I took it off the door to charge it. When i put it back on the door it wouldnt connect. I havent changed my wifi password/router placement. I deleted the device to try and add it again. I get through to connect my phone to the doorbell, i select my network, enter the wifi password correctly (there are no special characters only numbers and letters, and yes i am making sure that this is correct with all the right upper and lower case etc…) i get the annoying message about “rome not being built in a day” then it says there was a problem and that it cant connect, suggesting it is the password… it is not the password. I have also tried a second wifi network i have available, and it will not connect to this either. I am generally good with connecting devices, as i have set up a variety of smart devices in my home with relative ease. I have been trying to set up this doorbell for 2 hours now… Either provide a fix or i would like my money back please.

I also have a new doorbell 3. Cable company replaced modem and doorbell cant connect to wifi. Computers and other devices have no issue. Doorbell blinks right side side white lights. Removed ring app and tried again as instructed by technical support.

Hi neighbors. I would recommend performing a reset on your device, then reconnect it to wifi. To perform a reset, press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. After that, reconnect it to wifi. For best results, try doing this in the same room as the router and once connected, move to a more permanent mounting location. I hope this helps!