Ring Doorbell Wifi drops after 10 minutes

I’ve had a video doorbell Pro kit for 2 days, it all set up fine but after around 10 minutes the door bell loses wifi and goes offline. I’ve re-connected many times over the last couple of days and this happens every time. I’ve checked the power which is ‘Good’ at 4015mV, the last reported signal strength is RSSI -44. I’ve pinged the router many times both at the router and at the doorbell with the door shut, the ping is always around 50ms, never above 60. Is there anything else I can check?

Hi @CharliesGirl. The RSSI that’s being reported in the Ring App should offer a stable connection, so we can check a few other possible causes for what you’re experiencing. Approximately how far from the router is your Doorbell, and what type of material is the Doorbell mounted on? It’s possible that something is causing interference in the wifi signal, which you can learn more about in our Help Center Article here.

Hi, we have a WiFi booster that is around 5 feet from the doorbell, it’s very close. The main rooter is around 12 foot away through one wall. The WiFi signal is very strong when I connect it. The doorbell is mounted on a composite wood door frame.

thank you for your help