Ring Doorbell, Wi-Fi, and a VPN

I had some MAJOR wi-fi connection problems trying to connect my Ring Doorbell to my wifi network a while back.

Spent hours on phone with Ring support trying to get connected.

I discovered belatedly that the problem was in trying to connect through to my home wifi network that was set up as a VPN.

Iwant to return my network to it’s prior VPN status.

Will the doorbell run in to the same problem or was the problem in trying to connect through a functioning VPN?

In other words, since doorbell iss part of network it is already seen as device in my network so I can enable VPN functionality with no problems?

Hey @wsquared58. What kind of Ring Doorbell are you setting up on your account? Since December 2019, Ring no longer allows VPNs to be enabled when accessing Ring.com, the Ring app and other Ring-related content, and this also can affect when you are setting up the device, as you ran into. While turning off your VPN is one work around, another work around would be to reach out to your VPN provider and see if they can exclude Ring from the VPN, which should help you keep a Ring device that is already connected, still connected. You may be able to turn the VPN back on once you have excluded it, but I have a feeling that turning the VPN back on without making exclusions could affect the Doorbell’s performance.

Feel free to give it a shot though! Since it is already on your network, it may not be affected at all. Please let me know how this works out, as this information would be helpful for other neighbors that may have a similar setup. In the event you may run into any problems with the Doorbell down the road of it falling offline, having black video or inaccessible videos for what seems like “no reason” (you have a plan, good connection, etc), then I would look into seeing if you can have Ring excluded from the VPN. Hope this helps, neighbor! :slight_smile:

I’m glad I can across this thread as I just got a doorbell 2nd gen and having issues with intermittent connectivity to the live view from my phone. It works one out of 5 attempts, sometimes less. I am on FI and had the VPN enabled.

After disabling the VPN it works fine every time. When enabled I did not have any issues with ring.com or the android app, only live view.

Hope this helps some else that forgot they had a VPN.

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