Ring doorbell volume very low I have AndroidAndroid

There are no instructions how to turn up volume on my ring doorbell. I can hear them on my phone but they cannot hear me in front of the door bell. It is barely audible

Hey @thanehales! The speaker and microphone volume of the Doorbell is currently not adjustable through the app. If the volume seems low this can be an indicator of signal interference or mobile integration concerns. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and ensure all permissions are accepted on your mobile device.

Please also double-check that your wifi signal strength (RSSI) is sufficient for audio/ video streaming. Once you’ve tried the above, test a live view and hit the green button to initiate a two-way talk. You will see a speaker and microphone icon on the video screen which should not be muted for proper two-way audio.

Let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

so the volume of audio at the doorbell is not adjustable and hardly audible. Is that correct? Not sure how people use it?? Looks like it might be a return :cry: