Ring doorbell volume - Alexa routine

Got a couple of Alexa dots around the house which use as chimes.

Each has a routine setup on each which puts the volume to max when my ring doorbell is pressed.

Unfortunately after they are all set to max volume after.

Is there anyway to get them to default back to a lower volume after?


I’ve added a picture of how I set a routine which has the last instruction to reduce the volume to a suitable level.

Hope this helps

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Opps, Picture missed out last instruction. Sorry. See new picture.

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Thanks for that.

Works well.

In your routine you have “play doorbell 1” Anyway to get the default ring “someone is at your door” To play?

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No, all I could find was the default Amazon bell sounds for the doorbell push. I have setup a similar routine for motion detection, see attached photo, this does announce ‘motion at the front door’, so if someone pushes the bell I get a motion announcement followed by a doorbell sound, maybe thats over the top :slight_smile:

I didn’t add a follow up action on this routine to change to sound level but that’s just personal preference.

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This is nice, but how do you get to the ‘edit routine’ page?

Good question, @Hairy! To edit a routine, follow the steps found on this Amazon page about Alexa and smart devices. Feel free to also check out our help central article for creating routines with Alexa. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

How does one see these pictures you are referring to?

I’d like to see this picture as well.

I can’t find any info, anywhere, besides here, on how to lower the volume or return the volume back AFTER the doorbell routine is complete.

Hi neighbors! Our team was able to identify the root cause of this and we have a fix rolling out soon. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we appreciate your patience!

Hi there, can anyone please upload the pictures again or explain otherwise how to accomplish this?

Can I please be sent the picture of the routine? Its driving me insane i cant figure out how to out volume back after doorbell

Can be emailed this if needed i just need to sort!

More than one action can be triggered by an event. The event is the doorbell is pressed. Then there are three actions: set volume to 10, wait ~15 seconds, set volume to 4. The actions have to be in that order too.