Ring Doorbell video issue

The video suffeers from a time lapse, or lag after motion detected and video start. Unless the party remains on the porch for awhile, all the video shows is their leaving (back). Also suffers lag time from notification on my android to actual video connection. At home and away from home. Device must always reconnect?

Anyone have answers?

A few things could contribute to this. How do you have your motion zones set up? Does this happen on WiFi or Data?

The doorbell is on WIFI. Tried settingstreet to 5-15 & Min range. Also have issues with the image “blooming” going from good video to almost “white-out” beyond front porch.

Would like to know how to set both speaker & microphone to come on automatically when viewing.

There is a time lapse between motion detect& notification, then additional time to ope “live view” which means if someone doesn’t remain on the porch all I see is them leaving.

Cannot locate issue help anywhere.

Thank you for a prompt response.

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I have the same issue on the doorbell pro. My floodlight cam picks up the motion straightaway and records everything from the moment motion is detected, but the doorbell, only starts recording once the person has turned around and walked away. Completely rubbish reaction compared to the floodlight cam.

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Provided response to you regarding this issue. Have modified motion zones without resolving, or changing. I do run WIFI.

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Likely will remove shortly & return if no resolutions offered.

I am having the same issue. I set up my motion zone to exclude the road and include as much as possible of my porch and steps. By the time Ring has decided to boot-up the camera and start recording, everyone in my house has been slaughtered. This is the most disappointing thing about Ring. I could never recommend it to anyone.

I just tested it again, and my comment is not quite true. It does take way too long to start recording. I’d expect that it would record me going up my porch stairs, but by the time it starts I’m already unlocking the door (breaking in). The rest of the video is just background. Only about 2-3 seconds shows me at all.

Still working on the angle. But, the fact is that only 4 seconds shows me using two keys to unlock both locks. It should have started before I mounted the first step. Before the bush I was in full view, but it only began after I had my keys out and started unlocking the first lock. No thief is going to spend that much time breaking the door down. And his hoodie will hide his face.


Same issue here, Amazon delivery and I get a motion alert, but the video simply shows the package on the porch. Driver came and went with no video at all. checked WIFI and have strong connection. Lag time to record is Wayyyyy too long.