Ring Doorbell Upgrade?

I currently have a Ring 1st Generation, it’s 720p. I’ve been looking at the one called the 2020 Generation and see it’s 1080p. If I were to get this would it show that great an improvement in the video, especially at night? Since I have mine wired already I am assuming this would be an easy swap.

Also, would my protection plan roll over to the new one?


@TonyMan If you are looking to upgrade you would better off going for one of the actual wired products like the Pro, Pro 2 or the basic wired doorbell. Although you have your current model wired in its still a battery powered device that takes a charge from your doorbell wiring. The actual wired Ring devices are overall much better.

Actually, I have it powered from a separate power supply, not the doorbell wiring.

@TonyMan If its plugged in there are plug in power supplies for the Pro, Pro 2 and Basic wired doorbell.

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