Ring Doorbell Transformers CR or U.S. Type

I know this topic has been covered before but most are closed so I could not ask my question. I am in Costa Rica (CR) that has a wired regular doorbell without a transformer. I brought. down a ring 2 doorbell. The only transformers I can find in CR are 120 VAC, 16 VAC, 10 VA, 60 Hz. The wired ring doorbell came with the jumper for the current ringer. My question is can I use the CR transformer, or do I need to purchase one from the U.S. that meets the Ring specs? Thank you for your comments and assistance.

Hi @user76063. Just to let you know, Ring devices are currently not shipped to or supported in Costa Rica. You might run into issues setting the device up or using it, since it is not officially supported.

The power requirements for each model of Ring Doorbell can vary slightly. Can you please clarify the exact model name of your Ring Doorbell? Is it the Video Doorbell 2, or the Video Doorbell (2nd Gen)? This information should be printed on the original packaging and on the back of the device itself.

Thank you for your response. On the package it is Doorbell Wired with Chime (black). I have two wired cameras set up and they work just fine. I use the Ring App for them. I just need to know what transformer to use for the doorbell. I can have the official one shipped from the U.S. or buy the one outlined in my post. The worst that can happen is it won’t work. Please advise. Thank you.

@user76063 Thank you for letting me know the model name. The Video Doorbell Wired requires a standard doorbell system with 10-24 VAC, 20VA min, 40VA max, 50/60Hz. You can find the installation instructions here.

Caitlyn, thank you. Very helpful.

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